Saturday, September 5, 2015

4 Tips for Starting Your Own Salon

Starting your own salon can be a lucrative endeavor that combines your passion for cosmetology with your eye for business. But what if you've never launched your own brand before? What do you need to keep in mind before you hang your shingle and declare yourself open for business? Here are just a few tips for starting a beauty salon.

1. Determine Your Focus

Don't spend any money on real estate before figuring out the size and scope of your intended salon. If you want to run a full-service spa, you'll need a lot more floor space than a simple nail boutique. If you want to focus on hair styling, there's no use spending your money on esthetic bathtubs. Make sure you have a focus when dreaming up your salon.

2. Know Your Demographic

Some salons cater to the high-class, high-paying customer. Others try to reel in the "everyday" customer with affordable prices and special deals. You should know in advance what ages, genders and income levels you're targeting with your business. Your salon's demographic will determine everything from the kinds of ads you run to the list of services you provide.

3. Go Back to School

In addition to a business license issued by the state, you'll also need to be accredited by official cosmetology organizations like the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS). This is best achieved by going to an accredited beauty or esthetics school. Not only will you learn the tricks of your trade from quality instructors, but you'll also ensure that you're fully legal before opening your doors.

4. Create a Budget

How much can you afford to spend on a salon? Keep in mind that expenses are always more than initially estimated, so give yourself a 10-20 percent cushion for every cost. For example, if you think you'll need to spend $2,000 on equipment, make sure you have at least $2,200 tucked away in case the charges go over. If you can only afford $1,000 a month in rent, don't look at listings over $800.
These are just a few things to consider before opening your own salon. Whether you're focusing on hair, skin, nails or a combination of the three, it's important to plan your launch in advance if you want to save money and turn a profit.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why Do Women Use Breast Pumps?

Women use breast pumps in order to express breast milk and store it for later use. It’s also possible to express milk via breast pumps and then use it right away. While many women enjoy breast-feeding their babies directly, this is not always possible, for a wide array of reasons.

For example, if a Mom works, she may need to express breast milk ahead of time and store it in baby bottles. This way, someone else can feed the baby while she’s doing her job. Moms who want to run errands or enjoy social activities may also choose breast pumps in order to make their lives easier.
By giving women the power to express breast milk ahead of when it’s needed, or right before it is needed, breast pumps fulfill that need.

Without breast pumps, women who are too busy to breastfeed might need to resort to formula, rather than giving their babies pure and healthy breast milk. While there is nothing wrong with formula, a lot of women vastly prefer to feed their babies breast milk, which is what mother nature intended infants to have! So, breast pumps offer women the ability to feed their babies as they see fit.

How to Find Breast Pumps
Breast pumps are available online and this is probably the most convenient way to find them. Be sure to check review sites like Baby Stuff for the latest reviews and information relating to breast pumps.
The main categories of breast pumps include electric designs, manual designs, battery-powered designs and hospital-grade designs.

At the top of the pyramid are the hospital-grade designs, which allow women who have difficulty breast-feeding to increase their milk supply. These styles will usually cost more due to their added features. However, since they make it easier to breastfeed effectively, they are great choices for some Moms.

In terms of portable styles which may be used once a day or a bit more, manual pumps work well. They don’t require a power source, aside from a little elbow grease, and they are typically rather inexpensive, although prices will vary.
Electric styles are very popular for home use and most automate the process of expressing breast milk. If you need to pump more than once a day, an electric or battery-powered model will probably work well.

Before you make a final decision about what to buy, consider brand reputation and product reviews. You deserve the very best and looking at manufacturers and their reputations will help you to find solid brands.

In addition, viewing feedback for specific designs will make it simpler for you to access the high-quality breast pump that you want. Look for something which gets accolades from actual customers. It’s really simple to find breast pump reviews online, at online retailers and review websites.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop online for a breast pump today!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Studying Abroad

Accordingly the number of international students here in the US is climbing every year. There are many reasons why international students choose to study here. One of it is because of the quality of education that is very beneficial in seeking employment later on when going back to their home countries. I found this infographic about the guide in studying here in the US for those interested to study here. I find it very informational and helpful. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

After Military Life

It's been a while that I posted something on here. I have so much to share but too little time to sit down and compose an article, tee hee. But anyways, hubby is soon retiring from the service, woohoo for me! Yeah, I can say that since we miss him a lot when he's going on deployments and overseas tours. 

On another note, it is also a mixed feeling of what life ahead of us when he is not already in the Army. Are we really prepared for the transition and civilian life? You can't prepare enough though but just do our best to continue our lives and build a good future for our family. As of now hubby is busy applying for civilian jobs both in government and private sector. Hopefully and by the will of God we will hear good results.

I will share next time the preparations we did and still doing in order to transition well. We still have apprehensions of what it will be for us, but I am for sure know that with our hardwork and God's protection we will be able to hurdle this transition in our lives. I am happy but also feel for my husband as he will surely miss the Army. Everyday he is telling me if he did the right decision of putting in his retirement packet. I know this is the retirement blues and prolly hear him say this a lot :-) 
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